What We Offer



Our national practice provides a variety of claim services, including the following:

  • Complex Claims Advocacy – Complex or difficult claims will often require a higher degree of attention, oversight and advocacy. This effort triggers a team approach between you, your client and our claims consultant. Setting a claims strategy early in the process ensures proper handling of the claims and sets reasonable expectations. Claims are reviewed to ensure that we advocate properly on behalf of the client.
  • Claim Consulting – We will work closely to help in the design of a successful claims management program and the ongoing quality of service provided by our insurance carriers and/or TPAs (Third Party Administrators). Know that we will get involved when issues around communication, coordination or other relevant areas are somehow interfering with the successful outcome of the claim.
  • TPA and IA Selection – Let our experienced professionals work with you and your clients to negotiate TPA (Third Party Administrator) and IA (Independent Adjuster) assignments. These selections are a critical component of an overall placement and risk management program.
  • Claims Administration – When requested, we can monitor claims for our clients through our Claims Division.